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Healthy vitamin gummies that are easy — AND taste goodCreating joy in healthy living

Our (Delicious) Difference We Manufacture Vegan, Sugar-free multivitamin gummies.

Everyone has the right to live a healthy life, and we believe that making healthy choices should be easy and even fun. We want to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world—which is why we create science-backed, nutritious vitamin gummies using our expansive custom manufacturing options.

Curated Formulas

In-house R&D Scientists

Our research and development team is the backbone of Westcoast Naturals. Our custom formulas come from industry experts who have over 30 years of combined experience in both nutraceutical and pharmaceutical science.

Each formula is created from scratch, using high quality proprietary ingredients and formulations that are clinically proven to be effective, safe, and healthy. Custom formulas can vary from a very simple gummy to complex gummies that include many different ingredients.

If you’re looking for alternate form options, we’ve got that covered too—we can use our formulas to manufacture capsules, tablets, and powders.

Closeup of a Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Keeping it Canadian. With our factory right here in Richmond, BC, our gummies are sourced and created locally. We choose local ingredients to ensure we’re always using the highest quality product in our vitamin gummies—because we don’t compromise when it comes to health. We currently offer our gummies in bottles and sachets, and are excited to soon expand our operations to offer compostable pouches as well.

Health Central

95% efficacy

Great products start with great ingredients. We formulate our products with natural, active ingredients, and never use artificial or added sugars or any added preservatives. Our products are naturally sourced, vegan, plant-based, sugar-free, organic, non-GMO, and produced in Canada.

orange chewing vitamins in the form of carrots (carotene gummy)
A map of Metro Vancouver showing the rough location of Westcoast Naturals warehouse in Richmond


Our certified GMP facility guarantees that we have maximum control and efficiency over our raw materials and products. We regularly expand and upgrade our state-of-the-art equipment, and are currently running an automated gummy line. These capabilities—our internal manufacturing, formulation, and product development—make us the OEM choice for supplements in the Natural Health space with a focus on gummies.

Our Gummies

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Our team of trusted professionals can handle every stage of manufacturing your gummy vitamins. We’re dedicated to making vitamin gummies as easy as possible—and even fun. Say goodbye to boring vitamins. We can create our gummies in virtually any form, shape, taste, and colour—and we look forward to hearing about your new formula idea.

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